Nowadays there is numerous cheap machines or vouchers for discounted massages, thanks to which you might spare your wallet short term but your body will not receive the maximum. For that reason do not wait for various discounted offers from anybody, but book a massage session with professionals. „Massage“ can be done by anyone, however professional and true quality massage only very few.

-  clean and quiet enviroment
-  relaxing music and candles
-  we do not massage everybody „according to the same pattern“, we focus on your individual problematic areas- discounts on season tickets
You can choose the emulsion, which you will be massaged with. We are aware that a lot of little things make a whole which is why we strive to provide the best massage service in Vrable associated with pleasant trifles. We approach each client individually reflecting our motto "For us every client is VIP". Come and see on your own because we know that you will not be disappointed.

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Classic massage  back, neck   - cca 30min. -  7,00 Eur
Classic massage  lower limbs  - cca 30min. -  7,00 Eur
Classic massage  upper limbs  - cca 20min. -  5,00 Eur
Classic massage  neck               - cca 15min. -  3,50 Eur
Classic massage  whole body   - cca 60min. -  14,00 Eur
Classic massage  whole body   - cca 90min. -  20,00 Eur  

Michal Ďurček - 0902 842 875   Penzión Amsterdam,    Sídl. Lúky 1166/5, Vráble